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Best Agers

Using the knowledge and experience of professionals in their primes to foster business and skills development in the Baltic Sea Region

With demographic change - recently defined as one of the four key challenges for European regions by the European Commission - and the current economic crisis looming, the cities and regions of the BSR have to find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing unused opportunities.

One of these hidden potentials are people in the prime of their lives – the so called “Best Agers” (defined in the project as people aged 55 and older).

As previous projects and research have shown, the population of the Baltic Sea Region will rapidly become older and the 55 age groups will experience large growth rates in the near future. The result will be a pool of older professionals who are healthier than ever, well-educated and motivated and who can be mobilised to counteract the negative effects of demographic change –shrinking regional work forces and the so-called "brain drain". The project Best Agers (2010-2012) has surveyed successful approaches and good practice examples, developed them further and transferred them to increase economic activity and involvement in all countries.

Together, the 19 partners (representing all sectors) have worked to establish a a cross-generational innovation environment, where Best Agers work together with different age groups in the fields of business and skills development to generate new ideas and share their expertise and experience.

Recommendations and Good Practices

The Labour Market and Demographic Change in the Baltic Sea Region: Study Results and Recommendations of the Best Agers Project

Download booklet

Uncovering Economic Potentials of Older People: Pilot Activities of the "Best Agers" project in the Baltic Sea Regon

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Event Impressions

The second half of 2012 has seen many Best Agers events, among them:

- A seminar on age management for regions Lillestrøm, Norway in September

- A roundtable on age management strategies for SME in Brussels, Belgium in October

- The project's final conference in Kiel, Germany on 21 November.

Check out the "News & Events" section for documentation and photos of these events.


Overall, six issues of the Best Agers newsletter have been published in the project lifetime (2010-2012). They contain description of project activities and results, event reports, interviews and much more.

You can download the six newsletter issues here.

"Innovation is not an exclusive domain of young people - we support Best Agers’ entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers are well-educated, motivated and healthier than ever and can be mobilized to counteract brain drain and the loss of human capital in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers defy the consequences of demographic change: Cities and regions of the Baltic Sea Region find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing the unused potentials of the age group 55+"

"Best Agers are a valuable resources for the Baltic Sea Region: They possess valuable experience, know-how and skills which we cannot afford to neglect"

"The nineteen Best Agers partners work towards a cross-generational innovation environment in the Baltic Sea Region"

Project Activities

Watch the "Best Agers" documentary film!

The film "Best Agers - Meeting Demographic Change" portraits four persons from four countries at the crossroads between working life and retirement. Watch the four episodes and see how exciting and full of important decisions life can be even when you think you have seen it all!

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