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FMV - Research Association Mecklenburg-Vorommern

FMV - Research Association Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
Rostock, Germany

Responsibilities in the project
Project Partner
We are responsible for:
activity 5.3 “Best Agers Education for Excellence”
activity 5.4 “Best Agers virtual incubator”
activity 6.4 “Best Agers generating ideas”

We participate in activities 5.2 / 5.5 / 5.8 / 6.1 / 6.2

About us
The FMV, established in 1995, is a non-profit association working closely with researchers of universities and research institutes on one hand as well as SMEs on the other hand in order to allow the researchers to transfer their academic results to the market and successfully commercialise these. The aim of FMV is it to act as a mediator between science and economy and therefore facilitate the cooperation between the two sectors.  

Our network comprises professionals from various branches like business and technology, whom we offer support and advice by individual couching and training, to help them realize their idea and translate the concept to the market as innovative product or application. FMV acts as facilitator for the partners through networks, and as contact point for professional support on funding and project development.

Services we provide include training seminars such as;
- Management & Leadership (Teambuilding, Coaching)
- Communication & Personal skills (Potential analysis, Communication Model)
- Specific University relevant topics ( Scientific Writing, Patenting, Marketing)

We also provide Coaching services such as;
- Individual coaching with experienced business specialists
- Product concept, market analysis & strategy development
- Creating business partnerships & finding resources

The majority of our clients are operating within the field of Life Science (e.g. Biotechnology), due to the nature of the University focus in the region, however we have experience with many companies outside of this field also (e.g. ICT, Electrical Engineering). Since its founding, the association has been involved directly with over 100 start-up & SME companies in the region, and has conducted hundreds of successful seminars.

Why we participate in the project
The FMV has participated in numerous successful programs and projects over the last decade. Regionally, the organisation is currently involved in a project named ‘SPiNOFF’, assisting entrepreneurs and co-funded through the Ministry for Economy, Labour and Tourism by the European Social Fund. We participate in the Best Agers project now to use the knowledge and the motivation of the peoples participating in the project to develop our region.

What´s happening right now
As part of activity 5.3. we successfully organized and conducted two webinar sequences in 2011 and 2012. Participants from four European countries joined the online-seminar sequences. Due to the success of the webinars, we plan to extend the themes offered in the webinars and plan to conduct two more webinars during the project term.

In July 2012 we plan to conduct a train the trainer seminar as well as webinar sequence in Kiel.

The virtual business incubator and matching portal called biiugi, which is part of work package 5 and 6, has been launched and is running since June 2012. So far the English and German websites have been translated. Two other project partners from other countries joint the effort to translate and manage the national websites so far.

Contact person
Frank Buettner
+49 (0)381 510 79 0
Project Activities

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The film "Best Agers - Meeting Demographic Change" portraits four persons from four countries at the crossroads between working life and retirement. Watch the four episodes and see how exciting and full of important decisions life can be even when you think you have seen it all!

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"Innovation is not an exclusive domain of young people - we support Best Agers’ entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers are well-educated, motivated and healthier than ever and can be mobilized to counteract brain drain and the loss of human capital in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers are a valuable resources for the Baltic Sea Region: They possess valuable experience, know-how and skills which we cannot afford to neglect"

"The nineteen Best Agers partners work towards a cross-generational innovation environment in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers defy the consequences of demographic change: Cities and regions of the Baltic Sea Region find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing the unused potentials of the age group 55+"